Testimonial - Paul Szczepanski

Paul Szczepanski

"Extensive flooring/masonry/electrical/plumbing and general repairs to house; renovated studio; repaired driveway and roadway seurfaces.

Member Comments: Like all first-time home owners we dreaded looking for a general contractor, especially as our “new” home is nearly 300 years old (no, that is not a typo). The home has a lot of character – and nearly three centuries of building materials, techniques and standards. While we knew our home would require constant maintenance, we also hold to the mantra of “Do it once and do it right.” It was important for us, therefore, to find a contractor who would be willing to accept the challenges posed by such an old home and willing to develop a long-term relationship.

John Vesuvio of Evolve came highly recommended to us by our home inspector who swore that he was the only general contractor he would ever use, a sentiment we now fully endorse. In the year plus that we have been working with Evolve, John has completed several major projects for us including completely renovating a studio space, installing new roofing, new engineered floors, replacing/repairing plumbing, heating, well and electrical systems, installing a new drive and roadways, installing new windows and more. John has also completed dozens of simpler, handyman-type projects such as re-attaching plumbing fixtures, repairing drywall, resurfacing floors, etc. Each and every time, for projects large and small, John’s team has arrived when promised and completed the job to our complete satisfaction. John has made numerous helpful and insightful suggestions, but has also always been extremely flexible in working with our budgetary and time constraints.

All projects have the potential of becoming a major problems due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. wall studs not being where they should be; prior damage being more extensive than expected, etc.). When such problems have arisen, John has always been a source of solutions, offering numerous and well thought out suggestions to stay on time and on budget. John also exemplifies the best in true customer service, going way beyond our expectations even in emergency situations. Just one example: on Sunday, December 23, 2012 our glass-top electric cooking range was accidentally smashed. With 30 people coming the next day for Christmas Eve dinner we were in a real crisis. Not only was I able to reach John on a Sunday, but within 12 hours he had found, acquired and installed a brand new range that fit the unusual dimensions of our old unit – and all on Christmas Eve morning.

Doing any construction/remodeling/home repair project requires open mindedness, flexibility and honesty from all the parties involved. Homeowners need to be truthful about their expectations and contractors need to be realistic about their capabilities. John has never deceived, overpromised, or under delivered. His prices are very fair for the impeccable level of work the Evolve team performs.

In short, we highly recommend Evolve Remodeling. It is the only general contractor we trust or that we want to work with for what we hope are the many years – and many projects – we will have in our home.


Paul Szczepanski
Yorktown Heights NY

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