Testimonial - Andy Shapley

Andy Shapley

"Description Of Work: I hired Evolve to put on a second floor addition , a chimney rebuild ,a front porch and a new roof.

Member Comments: Being a professional home inspector with an extensive background in construction I was very cautious on who I chose to do the work on my house. I usually do all the work on my house myself, but this project was too big and complicated for me to handle. I was not familiar with Evolve prior to this project . I am extremely happy and satisfied with the work that John and his crew from Evolve did on my house. There were many different aspects to this project that made it difficult - my house was built in 1939 as a bungalow and was not built to have a second floor - Evolve worked with the architect closely and was able to get the proper supporting structure in place prior to putting on the second floor. The chimney rebuild was done in connecticut fieldstone (not veneer) and all the flashing was done in copper. I would consider the crew who did the chimney and flashing as artisans - what an unbelievable job they did. The second floor addition involved building 4 dormers all with a very steep pitch (the front dormers are different pitch that the rear dormers) - Evolves' crew had to spend extra time figuring out all the complicated angles associated with dormers, but did not come back and ask for additional money (which would have been totally reasonable). John also was able to work with me and the architect to solve some design issues that arose during the construction and again no additional money was requested. The roof was also not a standard roof and had to be installed properly in order to achieve the look that was intended and again Evolve did a great job. The crew showed up every day at the time they said and cleaned up and tarped the house every night. All the workers were very nice and well mannered. My wife, 2 year old son and myself all lived in the house during the project and John made sure that was possible by taking extra steps to create the least amount of disruption to the existing first floor. The project was finished in the time frame that was promised and on budget. Overall a fantastic experience and I am 100 percent satisfied with the work that was done. John is a true professional and was very responsive to all my questions. As a home inspector I get clients asking me everyday if I have a contractor I could refer and Evolve is now at the top of my list."

Andy Shapley
Croton on the Hudson

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