House Remodeling in Westchester

Home ownership is considered the hallmark of the American Dream for a good reason. A house is an expression of the owner’s values and identity, and remodeling a home is an opportunity to turn a house into the truest expression of one’s values. Every home remodel is as unique as the person that owns it, and EVOLVE’s team of specialists is dedicated to ensuring that your vision for your dream home comes to life.

EVOLVE takes advantage of the highest quality materials available, custom renovation designs, and our great variety of services and renovation specialists in order to create a one-stop shop for your home remodel. Our outdoor home services run the gamut from outdoor painting, masonry, decking, and roofing, all the way to waterproofing and siding. Our interior remodeling services range from tiling, flooring, plumbing, and light installations, to custom kitchen designs, insulation, indoor painting and window installations. And with our custom carpenters and architects at your service, EVOLVE works with you to remodel your home to best suit your needs, in the style that best suits your unique sensibilities.

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Step 1

When remodeling the whole house, you are able to make dramatic changes by carefully re-arranging spaces, and moving or removing old elements of the past. After laying out a financial plan, EVOLVE experts can assist you with repositioning your home, and improve your existing house until it fits your needs.

Step 2

By contacting EVOLVE, your complex remodeling needs will be placed in the care of Westchester’s leading remodeling and renovation company. Our team of specialists will immediately be available to assist you throughout the redesign of your home. 

Step 3

We want to understand what matters the most in your home remodeling, and how the project would work best for you. EVOLVE relies on your feedback, and as soon as we create a design plan that you are completely satisfied with, a contract can be signed, and the process of renovation can begin.