With EVOLVE’s design services, you can simply change the design of a single room, or go as far as redesigning your entire house. Design styles vary from person to person, and we are geared to assist each of our clients with their specific needs.

Traditional Home Decor

Traditional home design is the most popular décor style for American homes. Taking a traditional approach with EVOLVE allows you to live in a classic and elegant, yet comfortable, inviting, and built to fit your needs. Aspects of this traditional design include fine woodworking, craftsmanship, and graceful lines, with color palettes incorporating complementary pastels, earth tones, and basic whites, blacks, and reds. Traditional designs can be derived into specific styles, such as colonial, Tuscan, and country, each suited to your specific tastes.

If you would rather step away from conventional designs, you may prefer a modern style of décor. Modern homes can be broadly defined as art deco, retro, or minimalist, and at EVOLVE, we ensure all of our modern designs are welcoming and luxurious. Monochromatic walls and clean lines are the basics of modern décor, manifesting in an overall sense of simplicity and order. Furniture is often unadorned, and considered a room’s sculptural centerpiece. Structured lighting, deeply colored woods, richly textured fabrics, and dramatic art are often employed to achieve contrast between the simplicity of the backdrop, and prevent it from looking sterile.

Modern Home Decoration

Like modern décor, contemporary style features clean lines and minimalist attributes. However, contemporary homes are ever changing, as they are defined by what is trendy and in style now. Expansive windows, open floor plans, and an abundance of natural light, connecting the indoor to the outdoor, characterize contemporary designs and neutral colors, along with blacks and whites are most commonly used.

Contemporary Home Design

Investing in our services allows you to create your ideal living space, as our team of specialists will be on hand to deliver exactly what you are looking for. At the end of the day, a home should be as unique as its owner, and selecting EVOLVE to remodel your home will allow you create your ideal vision.