Addition Projects in Westchester

Whether it’s a new set of cabinets, a renovated ceiling, or a new floor style, there is always a way to make your dream home a little bit more of a dream. That’s why EVOLVE offers master carpenters who know that a fixture addition can go a long way towards perfecting any room in your house. Mill work, coffered ceilings, and custom cabinetry are just a few of the things our carpenters specialize in.

EVOLVE also hires in-house architects and designers that can appraise your home and help you decide how best to renovate your house. We offer the complete process, from foundational renovation to exterior side work, and can install additions in any room in your home. Using only the best materials from name-brand companies like Jeldwen, Anderson, Marvin, Hardie, GAD, and Certainteed, we make sure your home additions are quality designed to your specifications.

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Step by Step Addition

Step 1

Home additions allow you expand the size of your current home, without moving to a new location. Once you set up your budget, you can enlist our services to keep all of the things you like about your home, and change everything that you don’t.

Step 2

As the leading remodeling and renovation company in Westchester, EVOLVE strives to ensure quality work and the overall satisfaction of our clients. Once you contact us, we will be on hand to assist you in all of your home addition needs.

Step 3

Working with EVOLVE allows you to have full say in all home addition ventures. With your feedback, we will be able to draw a contract up. Once that is complete, we guarantee open communication throughout the remodeling process, so that you can achieve exactly you’re looking for.